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International flights are very long. Experienced travelers know how to make the most of their flights by sleeping. I like to watch movies…movies with subtitles. It’s my way of learning about other cultures even if I can’t speak the language. True, it’s like learning about suburban America from watching Disney flicks but hey, it’s fun.

International flights usually have a good selection of international movies with subtitles. This was an ANA flight to Japan, so there was much to choose from…even music and Japanese television and instructional movies. Although I am an avid movie watcher back home in the states, it is difficult to see translated Japanese movies while living in Tokyo so it always like a good opportunity to check out some recent popular international movies on flights

Japanese movies seem longer than typical Hollywood movies, the average length of the films on the ANA list were from 118-127 minutes. The plots were also more complex than the small synopsis described.  It is interesting to see how movies depict a culture. As I watched the Japanese movies I noticed the importance of relationships and the detailed resolution of the relationships and conflicts with the characters in the stories.

Here is the list of the Japanese movies I watched and highly recommend. I’ve included some links to clips since these movies may not be available to my friends in the States.

Hanamizuki-May Your Love Bloom for A Hundred Years

A contemporary love story with beautiful scenery of Hokkaido area of Japan, Novia Scotia and New York City. The characters lives and love are influenced not only by their own desires but their responsibilities to their families.

 Police Dog Dream

The story of a police dog named Kinako and how he and his trainer worked hard to overcome difficulties  they faced. (The dog’s name is “Kinako” named because he was the color of soybean flour)

Here Comes the Bride, My Mom!

The title sounds like a comedy but there are several surprising plot twists as we learn more about the people’s hidden stories.

Gegege no Nyobo–Wife of Gegege

Tonari no Totoro -My Neighbour Totoro

This is my new favorite classic children’s movie. Hayao Miyazaki’s  story of two sisters and their father is set in the time period of the 1950’s in a satoyama rural area in Japan. The family moved out to the country to be closer to their mother who is recovering from illness in a hospital nearby. (During that period of time in Japan, tuberculosis was highly prevalent in Japan and the Miyazaki’s own mother had been hospitalized due to the disease.) The story is about the family discovering the countryside and the mysterious spirits that live in the woods and become protectors of the young girls.



airport runway

A day of movie watching brings me to a new place.


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